What we have implemented for our customers in recent years.

A small selection of around 500 campaigns that were implemented personally and with joy with our 200,000 partners in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

Dentastix Samples

Number of touchpoints: 620

Touchpoints: Vets in Switzerland & Austria

Pure Piraña Hard Seltzer

Number of touchpoints: 76

Touchpoints: vintage shops, stand-up paddle, outdoor pools, beach bars, beach volleyball courts, sports facilities, barbershops, health delivery services & indulgence delivery services

Gastein Energy Water

Number of touchpoints: 130

Touchpoints: Adventure sports, beach volleyball court, campsites, high ropes climbing garden, sports shops, outdoor climbing, stand-up paddle, valley stations, hiking shops, hiking huts

Guhl Sampling bei John Harrsi

Guhl distribution

Number of touchpoints: 16

Touchpoints: fitness center & thermal baths

Freudebringer Master Lin Verteilung über Fashionstores

Master Lin distribution

Number of touchpoints: 18

Touchpoints: Nobel boutiques, wedding boutiques, hairdressers, designers & art

Promotionagentur Freudebringer Uncle Bens Sampling bei Radio Energy

Uncle Ben’s distribution

Number of touchpoints: 500

Touchpoints: Offices (advertising agencies, start-ups, creative companies,…

Freudebringer Nesquik Sticks Verteilung

Nesquik cocoa sticks distribution

Number of touchpoints: 29

Touchpoints: ski schools, ice skating rinks, children’s theater, thermal baths

Freudebringer em-Eukal Produktverteilung über Arztpraxen

Em-eucal distribution

Number of touchpoints: 370

Touchpoints: pediatric practices, ENT practices, hairdressers & wellness hotels

Freudebringer LUVE Verteilung mit radio 88.6 ueber Lieferdienste

LUVE distribution

Number of touchpoints: 9

Touchpoints: Food delivery services

Sampling Agentur Freudebringer Rituals Verteilung 25hours Hotel

Rituals sunscreen distribution

Number of touchpoints: 15

Touchpoints: thermal baths, fitness centers & hotels

Freudebringer Gasteiner Frucht Dosen Verteilung

Gastein distribution

Number of touchpoints: 100

Touchpoints: outdoor pools, offices, fashion stores, trendy sports, trendy hairdressers, barbershops,…

Fewa Paketbeilage Freudebringer

FEWA package insert

Number of touchpoints: 1

Touchpoints: package insert s.Oliver

Promotionagentur Freudebringer Savoderm med Verteilung Injoy Fitnesscenter

Savoderm Women Distribution

Number of touchpoints: 70

Touchpoints: fitness center, baby swimming, sports clubs, yoga studios & thermal baths

Samplingagentur Freudebringer verteilt NÖM Proteindrinks in Clever Fit Fitnesscenter

NÖM Pro protein drink distribution

Number of touchpoints: 100

Touchpoints: outdoor pools, offices, fashion stores, trendy sports, trendy hairdressers, barbershops,…

Freudebringer Somat Verteilung

Somat Tabs Distribution

Number of touchpoints: 10 pieces.

Touchpoints: Cooking schools, household goods stores & delivery services

Freudebringer Fashionhandel Freudebringer Produktverteilung Promotionagentur

Persil Discs Distribution

Number of touchpoints: 118

Touchpoints: fitness studios, indoor playgrounds, fashion stores, cleaning shops, toy stores & thermal baths

Yakult distribution with refrigerators

Number of touchpoints: 17

Touchpoints: Fitness studios and yoga studios

Freudebringer Nescafe Xpress Verteilung

Nescafé XPress distribution

Number of touchpoints: 48

Touchpoints: Workshop, public transport, taxi company, truck driver

Spinning and drinking distribution

Number of touchpoints: 88

Touchpoints: swimming pools, toy stores, campsites, sports clubs, zoos and adventure parks