Cost-effective, uncomplicated,
target group-specific and
of course with joy!

We are Freudebringer. We bring joy.

We make sampling tangible – through personal delivery
Trustworthy people and experts in the right environment

We are a full-service sampling provider. By distributing products via trusted people, experts and popular figures, they reach the desired target group specifically and directly without wastage and are distributed personally. And the best part: Thanks to the testimonials and experts

at selected locations, your product will be particularly authentic and credible.

Why with us? Because we can! Our focus is 100% on touchpoint sampling or sampling via trusted persons.


Cost and time savings

Uncomplicated distribution of your samples: select the network, send the goods, done! Everything from a single source, without any complex coordination. And the best? Can be implemented at unbeatably low prices.

Wow Effect

Your product in an environment where it is not expected. A little joy in the form of a chocolate, a soft drink, a pick-me-up,…

Handed over by the breakdown service, at baby swimming, at driving school…joy everywhere where it’s not expected!

Target group specific

Do you have the right product for sporty people, house builders, animal lovers, small children, music enthusiasts, etc.?

We have the right networks for your target group! From 5,000 products to over 1 million distributions per month possible.

Teapot Fresh

Touchpoints: Distribution at the workplace, outdoor pools, student dormitories, trendy hairdressers/barbershops, high ropes climbing gardens, trendy sports & Toogoodtogo restaurants

Number of touchpoints: 57

Pure Piraña Hard Seltzer

Touchpoints: vintage shops, stand-up paddle, outdoor pools, beach bars, beach volleyball courts, sports facilities, barbershops, health delivery services & indulgence delivery services

Number of touchpoints: 76

Gasteiner Energy Water

Touchpoints: Adventure sports, beach volleyball court, campsites, high ropes climbing garden, sports shops, outdoor climbing, stand-up paddle, valley stations, hiking shops, hiking huts

Number of touchpoints: 130

Guhl distribution

Touchpoints: fitness center & thermal baths

Number of touchpoints: 16

Guhl Sampling bei John Harrsi

Nescafé XPress distribution

Touchpoints: Workshop, public transport, taxi company, truck driver

Number of touchpoints: 48

Freudebringer Nescafe Xpress Verteilung

Master Lin distribution

Touchpoints: Nobel boutiques, wedding boutiques, hairdressers, designers & art

Number of touchpoints: 18

Freudebringer Master Lin Verteilung über Fashionstores

Uncle Ben’s distribution

Touchpoints: Offices (advertising agencies, start-ups, creative companies,…

Number of touchpoints: 500

Promotionagentur Freudebringer Uncle Bens Sampling bei Radio Energy

Nesquik cocoa sticks distribution

Touchpoints: ski schools, ice skating rinks, children’s theater, thermal baths

Number of touchpoints: 29

Freudebringer Nesquik Sticks Verteilung

Em-eucal distribution

Touchpoints: pediatric practices, ENT practices, hairdressers & wellness hotels

Number of touchpoints: 370

Freudebringer em-Eukal Produktverteilung über Arztpraxen

LUVE distribution

Touchpoints: Food delivery services

Number of touchpoints: 9

Freudebringer LUVE Verteilung mit radio 88.6 ueber Lieferdienste

Rituals sunscreen distribution

Touchpoints: thermal baths, fitness centers & hotels

Number of touchpoints: 15

Sampling Agentur Freudebringer Rituals Verteilung 25hours Hotel

Gastein distribution

Touchpoints: outdoor pools, offices, fashion stores, trendy sports, trendy hairdressers, barbershops,…

Number of touchpoints: 100

Freudebringer Gasteiner Frucht Dosen Verteilung

FEWA package insert

Touchpoints: package insert s.Oliver

Number of touchpoints: 1

Fewa Paketbeilage Freudebringer

Savoderm Women Distribution

Touchpoints: fitness center, baby swimming, sports clubs, yoga studios & thermal baths

Number of touchpoints: 70

Promotionagentur Freudebringer Savoderm med Verteilung Injoy Fitnesscenter

NÖM Pro protein drink distribution

Touchpoints: outdoor pools, offices, fashion stores, trendy sports, trendy hairdressers, barbershops,…

Number of touchpoints: 100

Samplingagentur Freudebringer verteilt NÖM Proteindrinks in Clever Fit Fitnesscenter

Somat Tabs Distribution

Touchpoints: Cooking schools, household goods stores & delivery services

Number of touchpoints: 10 pieces.

Freudebringer Somat Verteilung

Persil Discs Distribution

Touchpoints: fitness studios, indoor playgrounds, fashion stores, cleaning shops, toy stores & thermal baths

Number of touchpoints: 118

Freudebringer Fashionhandel Freudebringer Produktverteilung Promotionagentur

Yakult distribution with refrigerators

Touchpoints: Fitness studios and yoga studios

Number of touchpoints: 17

Spinning and drinking distribution

Touchpoints: swimming pools, toy stores, campsites, sports clubs, zoos and adventure parks

Number of touchpoints: 88

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The Freudebringer Blog

And your sampling is everywhere there is something going on at Christmas!

In just three months it will be that time again: Christmas! It’s a good thing that we at Freudebringer can take care of your product

What exactly is touchpoint sampling?

When trusted people recommend products and distribute them at the appropriate location, this is called touchpoint sampling. But that is not all … Wastage, an

International Day of Joy? We’re celebrating until August 4th!

Of course, we at Freudebringer are celebrating the International Day of Joy for as long as possible! There’s reason for you to be happy too,

A fitting sampling for World Children’s Day!

With Freudebringer you keep an eye on every customer highlight of the year, including World Children’s Day on September 20th. Of course, we have exactly

Let’s counteract the waste of valuable consumer goods!

The zero food waste movement is still on the rise, because unfortunately a good third of food is simply thrown away. Other things like journals

Take time for yourself – product sampling in beauty oases is well received!

At the hairdresser, in the nail salon, in the fashion boutique or in the thermal spa – In these places of beauty you can finally

Freudebringer offers the largest network of clubs

What would Austria be without its clubs Whether music, fire brigade, sports or crafts – this is where you meet, this is where you spend

Johanna Brunner becomes Head of Business Development Germany

Freudebringer is growing and growing, in Germany and in the entire DACH region. That’s why it was high time to expand the team. We are

The promotion agency distributes products in the largest hairdresser, barbershop and beauty distribution network in Austria

Sampling directly at the touchpoint: Freudebringer distributes products in the largest hairdresser, barbershop and beauty distribution network in Austria The promotion agency Freudebringer cooperates with

Placing brands in a relaxed atmosphere

Placement of brands in a relaxed atmosphere Sampling campaigns bring joy in many places where people meet each other. The promotion agency is present in

Freudebringer also samples online retail via package inserts

Everyone is happy when the package ordered online finally arrives – with an unexpected goodie included in the package, you are twice as happy. Freudebringer

The Freudebringer promotion agency offers Sampling Plus.

From now on, the promotion agency Freudebringer offers even more options to draw attention to your product – with SamplingPlus. In addition to the popular

Freudebringer is now also sampling in Germany.

The promotion agency Freudebringer is now also sampling in Germany. For around five years, Freudebringer has been bringing joy to all of Austria through its

The Freudebringer sampling agency offers the largest network of touchpoints for outdoor activities.

The Freudebringer sampling agency offers the largest network of touchpoints for outdoor activities. After the fourth lockdown, spring will soon be around the corner with

Promotion agency Freudebringer distributes via exciting outdoor channels

With the warm season and the long-awaited opening steps, product distribution can finally be implemented in a versatile manner again, via newly opened distribution channels

Freudebringer feiert 4-jähriges Jubiläum

Nach einem Jahr voller Herausforderungen hat Freuderbringer letztendlich doch etwas zu feiern – das Erfolgskonzept Produktsampling hat sich bereits über 4 Jahre bewährt. Gerade jetzt,

Freudebringer startet vielversprechend in 2021.

Ein freudebringendes Jahr hat begonnen. Freudebringer startet nicht nur mit guten Vorsätzen – sondern bereits mit spannenden Projekten in 2021.  Mit der Verteilung von Teeproben

Network sampling: Freudebringer presents new channels

Freudebringer presents three new, interesting distribution channels and reaches people who are active in sports. Sampling via tennis clubs and rental courts, the dance industry

Promotion agency Freudebringer offers the largest sampling network in the beauty industry

The sampling agency Freudebringer inspires new customers with products that are distributed in the beauty scene. Up to 200,000 selected samples are distributed in more

The sampling agency Freudebringer distributes products through yoga studios

The sampling agency Freudebringer cooperates with more than 150 yoga studios and thus targets a body-conscious target group that values sustainability. “Yoga is a clear

The sampling agency Freudebringer distributes products directly at the workplace

Every job needs a break – when it is rewarded with nice attention, employees feel valued. The sampling agency Freudebringer enchants with sampling from the

The Freudebringer promotion agency samples products from over 200 sports facilities and clubs

With more than 200 sports facilities and network partners in the sports retail sector, up to 50,000 product samples reach a sports-loving target group in

The Freudebringer promotion agency cooperates with more than 400 fashion companies and offers product distribution to a fashion-savvy target group

The Freudebringer promotion agency has the largest network in the fashion retail sector in Austria. With more than 400 partners, up to 200,000 product samples

The sampling agency Freudebringer cooperates with hundreds of hotels and campsites throughout Austria

Austria is becoming the number one holiday destination for the local population this year. This is exactly why the Freudebringer agency is strengthening its partner

With 100 partners, the Freudebringer sampling agency has the largest distribution partner network in the sports retail sector

From small retailers to large sports retail chains Intersport, Hervis or Decathlon – the advertising agency Freudebringer is sports-oriented and distributes popular and varied product

5,000 doctors are trustworthy partners of the Freudebringer sampling agency

As a sampling agency, Freudebringer cooperates with a wide variety of more than 20,000 partners across Austria to bring product samples and innovative innovations to

Freudebringer distributes product samples to end customers in the largest hairdressing partner network in Austria

As a sampling agency, Freudebringer cooperates with a wide variety of partners across Austria to bring product samples and innovative innovations to the selected target

Freudebringer samples sustainably

Sales planning in retail is currently more difficult than before. Some perishable goods were produced in too large quantities or for events that are now

Freudebringer is sampling products despite the corona crisis

The Freudebringer sampling agency continues to offer customers the opportunity to distribute products and samples. So we continue to enjoy nice attention in everyday life.

Freudebringer celebrates 5 million products distributed

The Freudebringer sampling agency has successfully established itself on the market. The collaboration with more than 40 strong brand companies, 80 campaigns and 5 million

Product sampling at work is fun

The Freudebringer sampling agency strengthens its position in the market by distributing several million product samples per year. In collaboration with many network partners, there

Promotion agency Freudebringer and SOCOM create a new form of advertising

The social media agency SOCOM supports local product sampling from the Freudebringer agency through “Hyper Local Social Targeting”, a location- and time-bound placement of social

Promotion agency Freudebringer creates purchasing incentives through touchpoint sampling

The Freudebringer promotion agency is growing and convincing people through sampling through trusted people. Innocent and Almdudler are current new customers, an employee is strengthening

The Freudebringer advertising agency is off to a strong start in 2019

The advertising agency Freudebringer started 2019 with four new customers – Mars with Uncle Ben’s Rice, Red Bull Energy Drink, BIPA with bi good and

The Freudebringer promotion agency supports the Red Noses

It is important to the Freudebringer promotion agency to bring joy to its partners and customers. We have recently also started supporting the Red Noses,

Current study: High popularity of touchpoint sampling as an advertising form

The sampling agency Freudebringer publishes the first study on the subject of touchpoint sampling. 101 network partners were surveyed and the results show highly satisfied

The first million for the Freudebringer sampling agency

You celebrate the sampling and Promotionagentur bringers of joy from Niko Pabst and Markus Rauer first year on the market with one million products distributed.

The Freudebringer promotion agency relies on offline influencers

Influencers in the online world have a strong sales-promoting effect, the reason being a high level of credibility. The Freudebringer promotion agency relies on offline

Sampling agency Freudebringer invited people to the data protection workshop

The new General Data Protection Regulation, which comes into force on May 25, 2018, primarily affects the communications industry. This also includes the sampling agency

Reinforcement on board the Freudebringer sampling agency

The sampling agency Freudebringer continues to expand and strengthen itself in the new business development area. We are pleased that Sarah Fabi has been strengthening

A new medium is vying for students’ attention as a goody bag.

The heavily sought after target group of students can look forward to another advertising medium. From the end of May, a special medium will be

Advertising agency “Joy Bringer” has been founded!

Thanks to the collaboration with many different network partners – such as car repair shops, fitness studios, mail order companies and much more. – Companies

Bringing joy with sampling against the throwaway society

In Europe, around 100 kg of food is thrown away per person per year. Another 200 kg of food comes from production, logistics and retail*.

Sampling is popular and works!

85% find samples or product samples, i.e. product sampling, interesting. A high level of approval which, according to a Marketagent study, is not surprising. Although