The Freudebringer promotion agency offers Sampling Plus.

From now on, the promotion agency Freudebringer offers even more options to draw attention to your product – with SamplingPlus. In addition to the popular product sampling, selected partners such as Palmers, Spielwaren Heinz< /a> or Babymamas additionally also an inclusion in their flyer, newsletter or even in their shop window designs< /strong>possible!So Freudebringer finds the right channel for every sample in order to reach customers without wastage. SamplingPlus in the children’s paradise: with our partner Spielwaren Heinz. The Austrian family business Spielwaren Heinz now not only offers educational toys, but also many opportunities to make products visible to the target group of families and children. Product advertising can be found in over 400,000 brochures – even on the front page if desired! At the same time, you can sample over 10,000 products in eleven Toy Heinz branches every month, which increases awareness even further. Our SamplingPlus partner Palmers offers the highest quality The Austrian market leader in lingerie and lingerie not only offers the highest quality, but also numerous sampling options. Products can be distributed here in over 200 branches throughout Austria to the target group of women and men without wastage. In addition, with the right brand fit, product advertising can even find space in thousands of Palmers flyers or in the Palmers shop window. How to reach expectant parents: The Baby Welcome Box The best way to reach the target group of expectant parents is with the popular Baby Welcome Box, which is presented directly by the midwives in the maternity wards – an authentic brand presence in a trusting environment. A total of around 2,000 boxes will be distributed and a newsletter will also be sent out to over 8,000 recipients. You can also book a page in the magazine, which reaches 15,000 readers.

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