Unforgettable brand experiences in winter

Freudebringer has built the largest touchpoint sampling network in Austria to reach sporty and wellness-loving people in winter.

Whether ski areas, ice rinks or thermal spas – in order to reach the highest mountains and the most exclusive spa experiences throughout Austria, you need a good network. The touchpoint sampling agency Freudebringer has thousands of partners in the area of winter activities alone with up to 300,000 distribution options – with Germany and Switzerland combined even ten times more!

The product amidst beautiful memories

“In traditional media, sporty and nature-loving people can neither try, touch nor taste products,” explains Freudebringer managing director Niko Pabst. “For many products, this is exactly what is essential to create an incentive to buy. Especially if they are handed over directly from people they trust and people they like. The customers receive high-quality sun cream at the ski rental, the fragrant shower gel at the day spa or a new type of tea at the bookstore for relaxing moments in front of the fireplace – the possibility of a cold one Seasons are versatile!

Brand experiences with emotion

The positive brand experience can be increased even further by integrating the products directly into the activity: “When the friendly ski school mascot hands out a sweet reward for each medal right at the mountain station, great emotions are guaranteed. And these are transferred directly to the brand image,” Pabst knows about the special brand loyalty effect and refers to several studies that have been carried out. The interaction does the rest: Since the samples are tested, tried, used and simply perceived live with all the senses, you don’t forget the “encounter” so quickly.

Product sampling especially for Christmas

Christmas markets, atmospheric shops, punch stands and the like – the highlight of the year is not far away. If you haven’t fully planned your Christmas marketing activities yet, you should hurry up. “But don’t worry,” says the long-time experienced promotion expert, “thanks to our reliable network and long-standing partner companies, we can also implement short-term projects in which the right product in the right place hits the heartstrings.”

Fixed starter for budget planning for 2024

The cost-benefit ratio must also be correct when planning long-term marketing activities. Compared to other BTL activities and product distribution via promoters, touchpoint sampling is a very cost-effective and affordable promotion variant. “Post-purchase surveys have shown that touchpoint sampling creates high purchasing incentives and that the repeat purchase rate can sometimes reach 50%,” Niko Pabst explains the details. Here, too, the full-service sampling agency is happy to help with the calculation: “We are happy to help with planning and can also provide specific information about the costs per distributed sampling!”

Further information about individually planned distribution campaigns, offers and reference examples can be found on our website or available directly by email to office@freudebringer.at.